Coastal Engineering Practice

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Seaview Consultants have extensive coastal engineering experience in Pacific Northwest, Florida, Mexican Gulf, Caribbean, Central America and Africa Atlantic Coast.  Seaview Consultants have been involved in the following types of projects:

  • Port and harbor development;
  • LNG, bulk carrier, container ship terminals;
  • Ferry terminals;
  • Marina development;
  • Beach creation and nourishment;
  • Shoreline protection;
  • Offshore mooring: single and multi- point mooring system;
  • Flood analysis and flood plain development.

Coastal Engineering Expertise:

  • Wind and wave statistical and extreme analysis;
  • Wind-wave hindcasting;
  • Hurricane frequency and storm surge evaluation;
  • Numerical modeling of wave propagation;
  • Numerical modeling of hydrodynamics;
  • Sediment transport, beach dynamic study;
  • Wave interactions with floating structures;
  • Vessel motion analysis;
  • Mooring system design;
  • Shore protection and beach stabilization structure design;
  • Navigation channel, jetty and breakwater design.


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