About Us

Seaview Consultants PLLC was established in 2006, located in Edmonds, north of urban Seattle in Washington State.  Seaview Consultants’ engineers specialize in the coastal and marine engineering field and have extensive engineering experience in British Columbia (Canada), Washington, Florida, New York, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Persian Gulf and Central America.

We specialize in coastal and marine engineering work related to the following types of projects:

  • – Port and harbor development.
  • – LNG, bulk carrier, container ship, cruise ship, and ferry terminals.
  • – Marina development.
  • – Beach creation and nourishment.
  • – Offshore mooring systems.
  • – Flood analysis and flood levels.
  • – Shore protection structures.
  • – Lakes and reservoirs.

From planning, metocean studies, modeling, design to construction management, we provide valuable services to many clients. Client satisfaction is our top priority.