Wind and Wave Analysis

  • Wind and wave statistical analysis, wind roses and wave roses.
  • Wind and wave extreme probability analysis.
  • Wind-wave hindcasting.
  • Wave runup and overtopping.
  • Wave attenuation assessment.

Wave Modeling

  • Wave generation and propagation modeling.
  • Wave diffraction modeling.

Hydrodynamic Modeling

  • 1D, 2D and 3D hydrodynamic modeling.
  • Salinity, temperature and DO modeling.

Scour and Sediment Transport

  • Desktop scour and sediment transport assessment.
  • Sediment and littoral drift modeling.

Coastal Flooding and Flood Maps

  • Sea level rise.
  • Coastal flooding and flood elevations.
  • FEMA flood map revision.

Mooring Analysis

  • Static mooring analysis for floats, barges, and vessels.
  • Dynamic mooring analysis for floats, barges and vessels.
  • Mooring loads, vessel excursion, vessel motions and downtime assessment.

Coastal Structures

  • Revetment design.
  • Scour protection design.
  • Rubble mound breakwater design.
  • Floating breakwater design.
  • Dredging design.
  • Beach nourishment design.


  • Berth layout planning.
  • Entrance channel layout and dredging.
  • Entrance jetty layout and design.
  • Marina basin flushing analysis.
  • Berth structures and shore protection design.

Marine Structures

  • Seawall and bulkhead.
  • Mooring dolphin and mooring hardware.
  • Berthing dolphin and fenders.

Project Management

  • Design management.
  • Construction management.